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Find support and information through these peer support, study and tutoring groups, educational workshops, and practical skills workshops happening all over NSW



Using social networking sites safely
Although social networking may appear to be harmless, it can pose some serious threats to your online safety. Check out Reachout to get some info on safe practices online and what to do if you get into trouble. Make sure your privacy is protected, learn about cyber bullying and read about how your Facebook page could compromise future employment opportunities. Check it all out by clicking here and ensure you protect your online safety.

If you have any further queries or concerns you can contact the YC Team on 1800 242 636 or email

Free Phone After Hours GP Helpline
Urgent health concerns can happen at any time of the day or night. If someone you know becomes ill or hurt at night, on a public holiday or over the weekend, and you are not sure what to do, then you can now call the After Hours GP Helpline. Delivered through healthdirect Australia, the After Hours GP Helpline will connect you to a GP or a nurse for reassurance and the practical medical advice that you need. 

1800 022 222 (free from landlines)
In an emergency you should still call 000

Operating Hours: 
- 6pm-8am Monday - Saturday
- 12noon Saturday - 8am Monday
- Public Holidays

You may be eligable for the Schoolkids Bonus!
Are you under 20, in school and receiving Carer Payment? Do you need help with education costs? The Schoolkids Bonus can help you! The Schoolkids Bonus replaces the Education Tax Refund previously claimed through the tax system. The Schoolkids Bonus is paid in January and July.  If eligible you will receive two instalments of $410 every year if you are in high school. For more information please see this link or call Centrelink on 132 717.

Mental Health E-Learning Tool for Carers
Young carers have their own section on the newly launched Mental Health Foundations for Carers e-learning tool. Developed by Carers NSW, Mental Health Foundations for Carers is an online resource that carers of all ages can access in order to source information and support in caring for a family member or friend with a mental illness. 

Visit Mental Health Foundations for Carers here

Do you know a young person who has a parent or caregiver with cancer? CanTeen has a new program for young epople called Truce to help develop coping skills for life. Truce is an 8 week support group is being held at various locations across Australia.

For more info visit the website or contact Esther Davis on 1800 243 007.

iPhone App Helps Brain Injury Survivors
‘It’s Done!’ is an app that helps people with a short term memory loss to remember whether they completed everyday routine tasks. The app can also let family members know when you have completed certain tasks, so that they can rest easy knowing everything has been taken care of.

More info: Visit the It’s Done! website

‘Can Do’ Scholarships for Distance Education
Can Do scholarships are available for students who require financial help with kick-starting their online degree. The scholarships fund some key study units needed to get into an online course.
More info: Visit the Open Universities website.

eHeadspace - 24 hr Online support for Youth
A new era in mental health support for young Australians begins today with the expansion of a ground-breaking e-counselling service to provide 24-hour online and telephone support to 12-25 year olds. Run by Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, eHeadspace is a confidential, free and secure space where a young person can call, web chat or email with a qualified youth mental health professional. It is not, however, a crisis support line. Existing services such as Lifeline and Kids Helpline will continue to be the primary telephone contact point for young people in crisis. 

More info: Visit

It's Like This...How Young People Deal With Cancer
Sometimes parents find it difficult to understand what it's like for adolescents or young adults when cancer enters their lives. To help explain the impacts on young people who live with, or care for someone with, cancer, Canteen have produced a DVD for parents called It's Like This... where young people and parents share their experiences.

Watch a preview of the DVD here or click to order your own free copy

For more information visit the website at

Work Out for Young Men - A Mental Health App
Work Out is an online program for young men who want to develop positive life skills. A joint project between the Inspire Foundation and The Brain and Mind Research Institute, Work Out enables the young user to tackle their thoughts and attitudes, one activity at a time.

Through comprehensive results and recommendations, this program aims to de-stigmatise the idea of getting help and lay the foundations of good mental health.

More info:

Lost In A Mind Field
Are you caring for a sibling or parent with schizophrenia or psychosis? Lost In A Mind Field helps to make schizophrenia and other psychosis' more understandable, discussing hallucinations, delusions and withdrawal. By using comics and simple language, Lost In A Mind Field helps to make this puzzling illness a little more clear for young carers who are keen to know more.

For more information read the media release below or contact Shrink-Rap Press for details of stockists at

SANE Website - Mental Health Information
Making sense of mental illnesses and their treatments can be difficult. That's why SANE Australia has developed a website that provides specific, up-to-date and accurate information about mental illnesses, their effects, treatments and what people can do to help themselves and the ones they care for. Included are fact sheets, podcasts and videos, as well as a comprehensive bookshop.

Check out the site at

Now What? Cancer Information for Young People
Are you caring for a parent or a sibling living with cancer? It can be scary and confusing and sometimes information is hard to either find or understand. Now What? is a website designed by CanTeen for young people like you, full of easy to understand information about different cancer types, treatments, tests, dealing with home life and lots more. And there are lots of stories from other young people living with or caring for someone with cancer so you can feel less alone.

CanTeen have also produced three fantastic books specifically for young carers; Dealing with your parent's cancer; Dealing with your brother or sister's cancer or; Living with the death of your parent or brother or sister from cancer.

To have a look, order a book or to connect with other young carers, check out the Website

New DVD for Parents – ‘Stronger Siblings’
Siblings Australia have developed a DVD to assist parents and service providers to understand the experiences of siblings of children with a disability and how to support them. Presented by Andrew Daddo, the DVD includes stories from parents, siblings and service providers who explore a number of issues throughout the DVD.

1= $100, 2 =$75 each, 3+ = $60 each

Hints For Healing - Refugee Youth Magazine
Hints For Healing is a fantastic E-Magazine that explores the experiences of, and ways to support, refugee children in Australia. The latest issue focussed on young carers and the Young Carer Team here at Carers NSW were delighted to be interviewed for it.... Click here to read more

Helping Your Friends Lighten Your Load
Caring for someone with cancer can be daunting and scary for young people so maintaining the support of  friends is vital. CanTeen has therefore created two resources to help young carers prepare for changes in their relationships with friends in order to stay connected: a pamphlet that addresses what young carers can do in order to stay connected with friends and: a postcard that gives friends some quick tips on how to support the young carer. 

To download the pamphlet and the postcard visit the Now What website  

Depression In Young People - What Works?
What Works for Depression in Young People is a fantastic new booklet produced by Beyond Blue and the Orygen Youth Health Research Centre at The University of Melbourne. The booklet explores more than 30 treatment options, highlighting which treatments work and which ones don't for young people.

As a young carer, you may be at increased risk of developing depression due to the extra responsibilities and pressures of your caring role. Therefore, grab a copy of this booklet and use it to help you look after your own mental health during the tougher times.

Click to download a FREE copy

Education Tax Refund
Parents and carers who claim the Family Tax Benefit Part A are eligible to claim half the money they spend on certain school items for their child through a tax refund - maximum $397 for primary students and $794 for secondary students. For more information go to the website

Multiple Sclerosis - Peer support program
If you are helping to care for a friend or family member with multiple sclerosis, MS Australia runs a peer support program in each state which you may be interested in.  The program matches you with a trained peer support worker who knows what it's like to care for someone with MS.  Support is available online and over the phone, 'one-to-one'.

yourtutor - Free Online Tutoring Service
Struggling at school? Can't afford private tutoring? Then you may be able to access free online tutoring support through yourtutor. The yourtutor program, initiated by Tutoring Australasia, is delivered through participating NSW schools and public libraries and aims to provide student support regardless of postcode.

Current participating libraries are listed here.

For an example of the program click here

For general information on the program click here.

Study TV
Study TV is a free online video library that aims to teach students how to learn more in less time, get better grades and excel at school. Videos are posted regularly on the site and feature interviews with students who excel at school. 

More info: Visit Study TV’s website. - Website for Youth Mental Health is a site dedicated to understanding youth mental health through the sharing of young people's stories and experiences. Run by researchers from the Orygen Youth Health Research Centre in Melbourne, the site also includes a comprehensive list of websites and phone numbers for families, carers and young people with a mental illness who want to find out more information and access support. 

If you have a mental illness and would like to share your experience of what has helped or hindered you in managing your condition, then visit the website

Younger Onset Dementia and ME
Does your mum or dad have Younger Onset Dementia? Are you looking for information on Younger Onset Dementia and would like to talk to other young people in similar situations? 

The Alzheimer's Australia NSW blog 'Younger Onset Dementia and ME' is a place for young people to connect with others, to get information and helpful suggestions and a place to be listened to. 

If you would like to talk to someone about Yonget Onset Dementia contact the National Dementia Helpline 1800 100 500.

More Info: Visit younger onset dementia and ME website

Love: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
All relationships can go through wonderful and painful times, but when a relationship isn't healthy then it is time to get some guidance. Love: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly is a fantastic website designed to talk you through all the positive and negative aspects to having a relationship and how you can recognise, and make a change, if you feel you are being controlled or even abused.

Check out The Good The Bad and The Ugly


Bereavement Groups - Sydney and Newcastle
Sadly, some young carers may eventually be faced with the death of the person who they care for. CanTEEN is an organisation that supports young people who have, and who care for someone with, cancer. It is therefore hosting two six-week support groups for bereaved young carers aged 14-17 years old who have lost someone to cancer. One group will be held in Newcastle for female young carers and another mixed group will be hosted in Sydney. Both groups will commence end of August / beginning of September.

For more information contact:
- Brigitte Regnaut on 02 9007 0231 or
Newcastle - Amy Barnes on 02 4940 0330 or

Any young carer in NSW needing support in dealing with grief and loss can access the National Carer Counselling Program through Carers NSW. For more details contact the Young Carer Team on 1800 242 636* (*free call except from mobiles). 


“Time Out” Young Carer Support Group – Bathurst
CentaCare is running a young carer support group for young carers in the Bathurst region.
When: Fortnightly from Monday 20 February 2012 // 4:00pm – 5:30pm
Where: Church of Christ Hall, Wark Parade, Bathurst
More Info: Kathy at CentaCare on 02 6393 1900 or Glenys at Relationships Australia on 02 6333 8888. Parents are welcome to stay for Coffee and Cake and a chat.



Mental Health Resource Room - Lismore
People with a mental illness, their carers and friends now have access to two new resources. The Mental Health Family and Carers Support Group have opened a new Resource Room which will be staffed every Friday by members who can provide information and support. 

Every Friday // 12pm-2pm
Where: Grow Community Centre at 125 Ballina Road, Lismore
Cost: Free
More Info: Call 0421 302 495


Young Carer Support Group - Broken Hill
The Far West Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre (Broken Hill) facilitates a Young Carers Get Together Group during School Holidays, the group involves activities such as going to the movies, fun days, arts and craft, day trips and lots more. To join or for more information contact the Young Carers team in Broken Hill on 1800 052 222.

Young carers study space - Orana
The Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre in Orana has recently opened a new study area for young carers in the region.  You can use a computer with internet access, CDs and DVDs, books and magazines while you're there and a tutor is on even hand to help with school work.

So if you need some quiet time to study for exams, do an assignment or just get your homework done -  check it out or join up for their weekly homework study group.

Contact: The Commonwealth Respite & Carelink Centre in Orana on 1800 052 222

Mental Health Carer Support Group - Dubbo
Do you live in the Dubbo region and care for someone with a mental illness? Are you an adult young carer? Then you are invited to take part in a Mental Health Carer Support Group. 

For more information contact Ros or Michelle on 02 6884 6901

This is not a young carer specific group



Family Carer Support Group - Bowral
Young carers and their families, who care for a child with high support needs - such as a physical disability or Autism - are invited to take part in an ongoing carer support group in Bowral.  

When: Fourth Tuesday of every month // 12:15pm-2:30pm
Where: 3 Myrtle St, Bowral
More Info: Contact Jone Armstrong on 02 4862 2204


A pet program for young carers!
Australian and International studies show that owning a pet has enormous health and wellbeing benefits (as well as being fun!) Neighbour Aid Pets, aproject run by Inner West Neighbour Aid, aims to combat social isolation by matching people with a pet. This service assists financially with the adoption fee and also offers ongoing volunteer support, such as dog walking!

Youthblock Youth Health Service - Glebe & Marrickville
Youthblock Youth Health Service will be at Glebe Youth Service every Wednesday and Marrickville Youth Resource Centre on Thursdays. You don't need a medicare card and you can see a nurse for advice about sex stuff and other health issues. A youthblock worker can also talk through any other problems you may be having including school, relationships, alcohol & drugs, housing, mental health, money and housing stuff. 

Wednesdays // 12pm - 5pm
Where: GYS, 84 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe
More info: Call GYS on 02 9552 2873

Thursdays // 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Where: Marrickville Youth Resource Centre, Marrickville
More info: Call MYRC on 02 9564 3222


Brighter Futures - Kempsy/Numbucca Heads
Brighter Futures is designed for families who have children aged 8 years or younger who face specific problems. Families in the program will receive ongoing case management support, which varies from family to family. 
More info: Please see the flyer attached or call 02 6561 6500.


Free Respite - Blue Mountains
Do you live in the Blue Mountains and care for an adult (18+) with a mental illness? If so, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Australia (PRA) would like to offer you a few hours of respite each week. The service is free and can be provided in-home or by community access.

For more information contact Damian on 02 9690 8986


SMILES Program - New England
Simplifying Mental Illness plus Life Enhancement Skills (SMILES) is a school holiday program for 8-12 year olds who have a family member with a mental illness.
The program is designed to:
-Increase ability to cope effectively
-A new freedom for self-expression
-Reduction in feelings of isolation
-Increase self-esteem
-And much more!

More info:
Call 02 6762 9272.



Help for Families Affected by Multiple Sclerosis - Riverina
Do you care for someone with multiple sclerosis? Do you live in the Riverina region? If so, support is available. If you are in need of financial or emotional assistance contact Kay Brown at Wagga MS Australia on 02 6931 2206


Sydney Story Factory - Redfern
The Sydney Story Factory is a not-for-profit creative writing centre for young people based in Redfern. Volunteer tutors offer free help to write stories of all kinds, which are published in as many ways as possible. 
Who: School kids
176 Redfern Street, Redfern
After school
More info:
Contact Cath or Richard on 02 9699 6970 or email You can also visit their website.

Operation Spark
An employment and education program for young people looking to achieve their independence and reach their full potential. Young people can start their professional development with
- workplace training
- educational courses
- industry licenses
- resume and interview preparation
- support and advice
- life skills

For more info contact Jackie or Vanessa at 'The Shack':

Pathways to Work and Learning
Ultimo College is running a free course for people wanting to develop skills for employment and education. The course learning content includes a first aid certificate, emplyment preparation and essential computer skills. An enrolment session is being held on Monday 30 July 2012.

When: class will run Mondays from 10:00 am to 2:30pm
Cost: FREE for participants on income support
More info: Call Maria on 9217 5008 or Elizabeth on 9217 3130

Get Your Own Big Brother or Big Sister - Sydney Metro
Have you ever wanted a big brother or sister of your own? Someone you could look up to, who loved spending time with you doing fun things, and who you could ask questions of and get guidance from? If so, Big Brother Big Sister - one of the most established mentoring programs in the world - currently have vacancies for girls living in the Sydney Metropolitan area. If you are  aged 7-17 and care for a sibling with an illness or disability, then you are invited to apply! 

If you, or someone you know, might be interested then check out the Fact Sheet below or contact Big Brother Big Sister on 02 9285 6250 for more information.



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